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Can College Athletes Be Paid And Still Be Students? The Answer May Determine The NCAA's Future

A lawsuit brought by former Clemson football player Martin Jenkins and led by prominent sports attorney Jeffrey Kessler threatens to blow up college sports amateurism, and the NCAA's best defense is that cash and education don't mix.
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VICE Sports Q&A: Northwestern President Emeritus Henry Bienen on Amateurism and the NCAA

Former Northwestern University president Henry Bienen discusses his objection to college athlete pay-for-play, football player unionization efforts, and the NCAA's future.
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a college athletic scholarship should not supersede the sherman act

The Pac-12 Wants to Let College Athletes Own Their Identities, Except When It Comes to Sports

A Pac-12 proposal would allow college athletes to profit from their names, images, and likenesses outside of sports. That's a step in the right direction, but also deeply unfair.
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How Virginia Tech Football Fines Undermine the NCAA

When Virginia Tech assistant football coach Bud Foster talked about fining players, his real mistake was telling the truth about "amateur" NCAA sports.
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EA Sports' NCAA Football Game Will Be Back If The NCAA Loses In Court

College sports amateurism killed EA Sports' NCAA Football video game, but NCAA losses in federal antitrust court could pave the way for a glorious return.
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'It Is Simply a Cartel': The Story Behind MLS Winning the Labor Wars Against Players

The Fraser vs. MLS antitrust lawsuit has defined labor negotiations between the players and the owners for more than 13 years.
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The NCAA Is Trying to Hustle Congress for an Antitrust Exemption

With the end of amateurism seeming like a real possibility, the NCAA is trying to pull off a desperate ploy that will keep the money coming in.
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Will Unions Save College 'Student Athletes' from Poverty?

College athletes are basically employees, except they don't get paid and go hungry all the time.
Matt Taylor
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Will Unions Save College 'Student Athletes' from Poverty?

The National Labor Relations Board says that college athletes are technically employees and therefore should be allowed to unionize. Great—now how long before they can get paid?
Matt Taylor