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What Alia Shawkat Wishes Was Said in Controversial NY Times Interview

In a recent interview with cast members from "Arrested Development"— which spiraled into a heated discussion around actor Jeffrey Tambor's behavior toward co-star Jessica Walter—Alia Shawkat stayed relatively quiet. Now, she wants to be heard.
Diana Tourjée
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Jason Bateman Apologized for 'Mansplaining' in That Awful 'NYT' Interview

The 'Arrested Development' star made a huge mistake.
River Donaghey

The 'Arrested Development' Men Were Incredibly Awkward in This Interview

They didn't do a great job talking about Jeffery Tambor's abusive on-set behavior.
Harry Cheadle
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Jeffrey Tambor Is Officially Off 'Transparent' After Sexual Harassment Investigation

The actor's behavior reportedly "could not be justified or excused under scrutiny."
Drew Schwartz

'Transparent' Never Needed Jeffrey Tambor

And it'll be just fine without him.
Mariella Mosthof
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Jeffrey Tambor Is Leaving 'Transparent'

The show's star announced the decision in light of sexual misconduct allegations against him, claims he has denied as "simply and utterly untrue."
Drew Schwartz

What Trans Folks Think About Trans Representation in Film and TV

Most of the auditions I get, the first two lines of the script are, "I had a penis. I used to be a man."
Premila D'Sa
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Steve Buscemi Tries to Take Over Russia in 'The Death of Stalin' Trailer

The new comedy from 'Veep' writer Armando Iannucci follows a handful of Stalin's underlings as they squabble for influence after the leader's death.
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This acting coach is helping trans actors be themselves

His approach? Get students to stop acting.
Mary HK Choi

What's Next for Transgender Media After 'Transparent'?

How shows from the Wachowskis' Sense8 to the Emmy-winning Her Story are propelling trans narratives beyond transition.
Mari Brighe