Jennifer Lopez


'Hustlers' Is the Modern Day Robin Hood We Need

The first trailer for the new movie starring Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, and Lizzo just dropped, and we are living for it.
Bettina Makalintal
3 hours ago

Stop Complaining About Humidity, It's Actually Amazing

Humidity is your hot, horny friend.
Alex Zaragoza

The 'VICE LIVE' Hosts Discuss Cardi B's Acting Debut

The rapper will make her make her first big screen appearance alongside Jennifer Lopez.
VICE Staff

Can Latin Trap Go Mainstream Without Sacrificing Authenticity?

Even as Bad Bunny and J Balvin cozy up to English-language acts, there’s plenty of room for others to mine the darker, druggier corners of the genre.
Gary Suarez

The Attempted Kidnapping of Bryant Myers

One of Latin trap's stars was recently the victim of a harrowing crime, underscoring how troubling it is that critics call these artists' authenticity into question.
Gary Suarez
New music

Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B's "Dinero" Video Reminds Us How Broke We Are

The two Bronx natives join DJ Khaled for visual for "Dinero" that's opulent as hell.
Kristin Corry
New music

Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, and DJ Khaled Join Up on "Dinero"

The track will be debuted live at Sunday night's Billboard Music Awards.
Lauren O'Neill
Reel Women

On Selena's Enduring Legacy and Impact on the Chicana Community

From the 1997 "Selena" biopic starring Jennifer Lopez to the documentary "Conversations with Intellectuals About Selena," cinema has solidified the Tejana pop star as an eternal icon.
Kristen Yoonsoo Kim
Desus & Mero

Desus and Mero Try to Figure Out Whether Mariah Carey Actually Knows J.Lo

The duo asked Bravo host Andy Cohen about his quest to find out the truth on the latest episode of 'Desus & Mero.'
Sarah Bellman
Does It Suck?

Does 'Anaconda' Actually Suck?

We look back on 1997's snake-themed horror film to see if a great cast and enough silliness can save a terrible script.
Kate Robertson
Noisey News

Pitbull, a Saint, Is Lending His Plane to Help Puerto Rican Cancer Patients

Mr. Worldwide extended a helping hand in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.
Lauren O'Neill
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

NFL teams mount historic protest against Trump, new travel ban applies to eight nations, church shooting suspect charged in Tennessee, and more.
VICE Staff