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Robot Wars Is Coming Back And Here’s Why You Should Be Really Fucking Excited

We know what you’re thinking: “Is Robot Wars really a sport?” The answer is: yes, it’s a sport for robots, and we won’t hear a single word to the contrary.
Will Magee

Amazon Drone Delivery Is Actually Happening

Actual footage of a working Prime Air unmanned aircraft appears with a monologue from Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson.
Beckett Mufson

Amazon Reveals Its New Delivery Drone

It’s a Helicopter! It’s a Plane! It’s Amazon’s new heli-plane-drone!
Daniel Oberhaus

Amazon Just Picked Up the Exiled 'Top Gear' Host for a New Web Show

Streaming in the fast lane.
Nicholas Deleon

Why We Should Care About the Future of the BBC

The UK's new minister for culture thinks the TV license fee is "worse than a poll tax" and it's generating fear throughout the BBC. "There's a feeling that it's the end," said an in-house producer we spoke to.
Cat McShane
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

Why the Words We Use to Talk About Mental Health Are Important

The stigmatizing of mental illness continues to discourage people from seeking help or speaking openly about their experiences.
Oscar Rickett

Protesters Drove a Tank to the BBC's London Headquarters Because They Love Jeremy Clarkson

The embattled, loutish <i>Top Gear</i> host has his fans and they, in turn, have a tank.
Joel Golby

Jeremy Clarkson and the War on British Dads

British dads are tired. They're stuck in a future that doesn't want them. Everything they like is lame, everything they do is boring, everything they say is "problematic." All they want is to live inside Jeremy Clarkson's brain.
Joe Bish

Jeremy Clarkson of 'Top Gear' Has Been Suspended from the BBC After a ‘Fracas’

The British incarnation of a midlife crisis is again in trouble for his shitlordery.
Joel Golby