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States are trying to make it easier to punish the next Larry Nassar

At least 17 states have introduced bills to loosen sex crimes laws, according to a VICE News’ review of legislature dockets.
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Al Pacino Bears an Uncanny Resemblance to Joe Paterno in Film Shots

Let's just hope HBO made equally accurate decisions with handling his legacy.​
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Jerry Sandusky's Son Has Been Arrested on Child Sex Charges

Jeffrey Sandusky stood by his father during the former coach's trial for sex crimes even after his brother, Matthew, said he'd abused him for years.
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Jerry Sandusky's Son Arrested on Charge of Child Sexual Assault

He was dating the victim's mother and lived in their house for five years.
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Lions LB DeAndre Levy Says His "Proudest Moment in College" Was Breaking "Dirtbag" Joe Paterno's Leg

DeAndre Levy says "we've gotta stop prioritizing sports over humanity."
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Original Paterno Statue Sculptors Start Kickstarter to Create New Statue

The original sculptors want to bring a new statue to Penn State.
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Newly Released Sandusky Documents Allege Joe Paterno, Greg Schiano Knew of Abuse

Newly released documents continue to paint a picture of a program-wide cover up for Jerry Sandusky.
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Court Filings Allege Joe Paterno Knew of Sandusky Child Abuse Claim in 1976

Things have just gotten worse for Penn State and Joe Paterno.
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Merry Christmas, Jerry Sandusky. Signed, Pennsylvania Taxpayers

He can use the Christmas gift to buy a lot of cigarettes.
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A Pennsylvania Brewery Is Naming a Beer After Joe Paterno—And Everyone Wants It

As the dust has largely settled around Joe Paterno—the late Penn State football coach who became embroiled in the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal of 2011—a Pittsburgh-based brewery is releasing a beer in honor of ol' JoePa. And nobody is...
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Chris Kluwe Is an Asshole, Just Like Everyone Else

The former Vikings punter made some very nasty accusations about his old team and made himself look bad in the process.
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The Worst People

“I kind of wish everyone on Earth hadn't died,” Casey Anthony said, running her fingers through Rick Santorum's hair. “Just so we could all rub it in their stupid faces that we did survive.” Howls of laughter filled the beach. Courtney Love said, “God...
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