Jessica Hopper


An Excerpt of 'Night Moves,' Jessica Hopper's New Memoir

"Night Moves" is a look at life in the mid-2000s told by a narrator getting her start as a writer, living in crumbling apartments, navigating Chicago's music scene, and cruising the world on her bike.


A Month-by-Month Break Down of Music Industry Misogyny in 2015

2015 was a banner year for music industry-related sexism and misogyny. Here's a breakdown of some of the most egregious examples.


Have R. Kelly's Alleged Crimes Finally Ended His Career?

Public outrage over R. Kelly's alleged sexual abuse of underage girls has finally consumed his public image.


Condé Nast Bought Pitchfork, But the Moral of the Story is "Millennial Males"

The numbers suggest that Pitchfork's readership really does skew towards young males—so why is everyone mad?


No More Secrets: Squashing Sexism In Music and Why This Is Just the Beginning

Systemic misogyny has long been an open secret, but now the online floodgates have opened and the chorus is deafening.


She Shreds Magazine Proposes SXSW Panel on Women in Music

She Shreds announced plans for a SXSW panel to highlight inequality women face in the music industry. The need for this discussion was cemented by Jessica Hopper, whose Twitter feed recently served as a platform for marginalized people to share stories...