black holes

This Black Hole Is Wildly Ejecting Plasma Jets as It Eats a Star

"This is one of the most extraordinary black hole systems I've ever come across.”
Becky Ferreira
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Navy Pilot Drew This Giant Dick in the Sky

"We find this absolutely unacceptable, of zero training value."
Drew Schwartz

Start Rolling Your Blunts: NASA Is Uploading Decades of Archival Footage to YouTube

Watch a hypersonic plane go 7,000 miles per hour and more in over 500 videos of experimental aircraft pushing the limits.
Samantha Cole
lit up

I Just Said Yes to All the Drugs in 'Fallout 4'

There's really no reason not to be constantly wasted in the wasteland.
Emanuel Maiberg

What’s It Really Like to Play at the AFL Grand Final?

Mark Wilson has experienced a lip-sync gone wrong while performing in front of 90 0000 football fans.
Sam Eckhardt

Viral Style #67: Apocalypse Jogging Apps, Crowdsourced Clothes, And The World's First Smart Cushion

Viral Style #67 features smart glasses, posture-correcting seats, and the immersive retail displays you'll find 'em in.
Charlotte McManus
middle east

Assad’s Cousin Killed as Chaos Unfolds on Syria-Turkey Border

Hilal al-Assad died in a shootout near the border, and Turkey downed a Syrian jet after it flew into a buffer zone between the two nations.
John Beck

Parsons' Portal to Hell

I’m about to be sucked into a Hell portal that sits in caverns somewhere around NASA’s JPL (Jet Propulsion Lab). The old line is that "JPL" really stands for Jack Parsons’ Lab, in honor of the rocketeer who dabbled in the occult and went to sex parties...
Brian Anderson
Motherboard Blog

Flight 4590 Didn't Kill the Concorde, Costs Did

I have a friend who remembers flying the British Airways route to from New York to London. He recalled that it was a really noisy plane and the crew would hand out headphones circa WWII (But has this really improved?). There were four channels of music...
Daniel Stuckey