The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

DC rocked by Trump's "shithole countries" remark, Myanmar admits soldiers killed (just) ten Rohingya, White House expected to stand by Iran nuclear deal for now, and more.
VICE Staff

You Probably Shouldn’t Forge a Judge’s Signature to Solve Your SEO Problems

A jewelry company CEO was arrested on Monday and charged with forging court orders in order to de-index negative reviews on Google.
Sarah Jeong

These Handmade Fairy Tale Figurines Are Adorable and Twisted

Tina Yu interacts with her social media audience as she sculpts lifelike figurines.
Andrew Salomone

Sick But True: Victorian Fashionistas Made Jewelry Out of Human Hair

In the 19th century, people turned their loved ones' tresses into macabre memento mori.
Anna Marks

The Second Biggest Diamond Ever Has Just Been Discovered in Botswana

The gem, found by a Canadian mining company, is second only to the famous Cullinan diamond found in South Africa 1905, which ended up becoming part of Britain's Crown Jewels.
Reuters and VICE News
Crime & Drugs

Thieves Snatch $20 Million Worth of Cartier Jewelry and Watches in Cannes Heist

A lightning-quick heist by a team of masked robbers has befuddled investigators a week ahead of the prestigious film festival in the French Riviera city.
Melodie Bouchaud
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More Cocktails Should Come with Caviar

Truffle burgers and Champagne sorbet are so 2007, but this caviar cocktail from London's hotel The Ritz will still make your Maybach driver blush.
Munchies Staff

Armed Men Speed Off With $9.5M in Jewels After Night-time Ambush on French Highway

At least 15 attackers were said to be involved in the heist, the latest in a string of high value jewel thefts in France in recent years.
Giulia Aloisio Rafaiani

Short CG Film Depicts A Blinged Up Ocean Full Of Diamonds And Jewels

<p>The organic meets the mineral in Tetsuka Niiyama&#8217;s <i>Hinode</i>.</p>
Kevin Holmes