Jewish cuisine

Jewish cuisine

This Portland Bakery Is Making Matzah from the 16th Century

For Passover in PDX, we're gonna party like it's 1503.
Jack Rushall
Jewish cuisine

Sephardic Passover Food: Not Your Bubbe’s Matzo Ball Soup

Brisket and gefilte fish feature at many Ashkenazic Passover seders in the US, but the foods of Sephardi Jews are inspired by their roots in the Mediterranean.
Phylisa Wisdom
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How Berlin Got Its First Jewish Food Festival

Nosh Berlin brought together well-known Jewish chefs, historians, and food bloggers to create a celebration of global Jewish cuisine that could not have happened anywhere else.
Giulia Pines

Gin and Tonic Smoked Salmon Might Be the Most Festive Seafood Dish Ever

The H Forman & Son salmon smokehouse, established in London’s East End in 1905, has found a way to infuse salmon with juniper and citrus.
Laura Martin
Jewish cuisine

This Duo Wants to Take Gefilte Fish Out of the Kosher Aisle

Unhappy with the jars of jellied gefilte fish found in stores, Liz Alpern and Jeffrey Yoskowitz consulted bubbes and food scientists alike to create their own version at The Gefilteria.
Ashley Goldsmith
Smoked meat

Inside Montreal's Temple of Blues and Brisket

Along Quebec's Highway 20 is a little roadside restaurant serving smoked brisket to all walks of life.
Nick Rose

Meet the Bagel Guy of Buenos Aires

Jacob Eichenbaum-Pikser, a former geophysics student and Manhattan transplant, has introduced handmade bagels to Buenos Aires and can’t bake them fast enough to meet demand.
Ilan Ben Zion

Don't Mess with the Rules at Montreal's Temple of Fried Meats

Wilensky’s is as famous for its rules as it is for its food—rules which, perhaps unspoken among regulars and locals, are literally spelled out for the uninitiated.
Nick Rose

This Montreal Jewish Bakery Doesn't Want to Be Called Modern

For Jeffrey Finkelstein of Montreal bakery Hof Kelsten, tradition is what’s kept, rather than kosher. “We’re not a landmark," he says. "We’re a hopeful future landmark."
Caitlin Stall-Paquet
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It’s Not a Rosh Hashanah Feast Without Honey

Instead of welcoming in the year with disappointing club nights and surge charge Ubers, Rosh Hashanah lets you celebrate the new year gorging on honey cake.
Maya Oppenheim

This Dutch Family Has Been Pickling Vegetables Longer Than You

For hundreds of years, pickled fruits and vegetables have been staples of harsh, Dutch winters and bitter springtime. One family has managed to out-pickle their competition with this secret recipe.
Cristiana Terwilliger