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Cabrito al Pastor Is the Product of Northern Mexico's 16th-Century Jewish Roots

A specialty of Coahuila, cabrito al pastor features tender goat meat with extra crispy skin.
Duncan Tucker
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A Guide to the Sleeper Hits of the Jewish Deli

As a Nice Jewish Girl, I was raised on an assortment of nose-to-tail shtetl classics that never made it mainstream.
Rachel Myerson
Los Angeles

This Pastrami Crunchwrap Gives Jewish Deli Food the Taco Bell Treatment

And it's the drunk food of your dreams.
Hillary Eaton

This Deli Serves Aggressively Un-Kosher Food in Miami’s Most Jewish Neighborhood

People crowd into Josh’s Deli for offerings like the the Jewban, an unholy Jewish-Cuban alliance with pastrami, Swiss cheese, pickles, and pork.
Zachary Fagenson

Rabbi Suggests That Lab-Grown Pork Might Be Kosher

New food technology could call for revising—or at least clarifying—some of Judaism's oldest rules.
Jelisa Castrodale
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Cacio e Pepe Kugel Is the Italian-Jewish Hybrid We Didn't Know We Needed

You'll want these cheesy baked noodles from Lilia chef Missy Robbins in your comfort-food arsenal.
Munchies Staff
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These 11 Delicious Hanukkah Recipes Will Keep Your Menorah Lit AF

From cream-filled doughnuts and weed latkes to noodle kugel and short ribs, we've got you covered all eight nights of the Festival of Lights.
Munchies Staff

Inside Mexico City's Jewish Food Paradise

Salami enchiladas and jalapeño-topped matzo ball soup are just the beginning.
Luke Winkie

The Peculiar Struggle of Toronto's Kosher Restaurants

Despite the city now hosting more kosher restaurants than ever, some still strain to attract Orthodox Jewish customers as Toronto competes with kosher eating hubs like New York City.
David Silverberg
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Sephardic Passover Food: Not Your Bubbe’s Matzo Ball Soup

Brisket and gefilte fish feature at many Ashkenazic Passover seders in the US, but the foods of Sephardi Jews are inspired by their roots in the Mediterranean.
Phylisa Wisdom
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The Nosh Pit: The Jewish Bands that Put Hummus and Bagels into Punk Rock

The live shows of Yidcore, Gefilte Fuck, and Jewdriver were like if GG Allin raised hell using Kosher foods from the aisles of Zabar's.
Jonah Bayer
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How Berlin Got Its First Jewish Food Festival

Nosh Berlin brought together well-known Jewish chefs, historians, and food bloggers to create a celebration of global Jewish cuisine that could not have happened anywhere else.
Giulia Pines