Jim Henson


'The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance' Trailer Is Extremely Exhausting

Watch it, then take the rest of the day off. You earned it.


I Owe Everything to Miss Piggy, a Size-Positive Icon Ahead of Her Time

Even as a child, years before I came out, there was always a special place in my heart for any character willing to punch a silk-gloved fist straight through that gender binary.


The 'Dark Crystal' Prequel Series Has an Unbelievably Stacked Cast

Featuring Mark Hamill, Keegan-Michael Key, Helena Bonham-Carter, and many, many more.


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‘Little Nightmares’ Is for Anyone Traumatized by ‘Neverending Story’

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A Jim Henson Exhibition Is Coming to a City Near You—If You Fund It

The Museum of the Moving Image just launched a Kickstarter with Neil Patrick Harris and other Muppet-lovers to create a permanent collection of over 175 Jim Henson artifacts.


Vintage Sci-Fi Comics Are Back and Better Than Ever

Comics were never weirder than they were in the 70s.


Before the Muppets, Jim Henson Was a Countercultural Filmmaker

He also tried to open his own psychedelic themed nightclub inspired by Jefferson Airplane.


The Muppets Are Back and Sexier Than Ever

The new, pheromone-driven incarnation of the Muppets straddles a milquetoast line between the all-ages whimsy of its forebear and the amazingly disgusting filth-fest 'Meet the Feebles.'


The Arab World's 'Sesame Street' Returns for the First Time Since the Gulf War

"This is not a talking heads program, nor a passive animation."


Big Bird Was Supposed to Be on the Challenger

An interview with the voice of America's childhood, Carroll Spinney.


We Spoke To The Puppet Master Behind The Dark Crystal And Labyrinth

Brian Froud talks to The Creators Project about The Dark Crystal, Jim Henson, and your childhood nightmares.