Jim Morrison


A Tour of Hollywood's Creepiest Motels

"If you are there now, and reading this, do not leave your room at night."
Tori Telfer
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Celebrating a Lifetime of Controversy with the World's Most Famous Groupie

In honor of her 67th birthday, we talked to the notorious groupie, Pamela Des Barres, about being a "lyric whore," competing with underage girls, and whether or not Mick Jagger's balls belong in the Smithsonian.
Mish Barber Way
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Three House Music Titans Evoke Jim Morrison’s Prophecy for "Machines"

Mark Knight, Harry Romero, and Chus + Cebellos band together on the most international collaboration of the year.
Zack Rota
The Film That Made Me...

'The Doors' Is the Film That Made Me Want to Live Slow and Die Old

There's nothing glamorous about throwing it all away too early.
Edward Tew
Longreads Or Whatever

The Domino Effect: How One of Toronto’s Most Iconic Rock Concerts Almost Never Happened

Famed Rock Promoter, John Brower tells the story of the legendary John Lennon concert in Toronto that almost wasn't.
Juliette Jagger
Please Kill Me

Getting Fucked Up with Tom Baker, Norman Mailer, and Jim Morrison

A tale of lust, drugs, mistakes, and loss from famed punk historian Legs McNeil.
Legs McNeil
Objectively Correct Lists

The 123 Worst Musicians of All Time

From AC/DC to Zappa, these are the “artists” who have ruined music.
Noisey Staff

Tim Page's Vietnam War

Tim Page arrived in 1965 Vietnam at the tender age of 20 and began a career as a photojournalist that sent him all over the world, including the same jail cell as Jim Morrison.
Bradley Scott