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Lincoln Chafee Abandons Presidential Campaign. Public Asks, 'Lincoln Who?'

The former senator and governor of Rhode Island — a Republican turned Independent turned Democrat — announced this morning that he was no longer a candidate for president after attracting negligible support.


Jim Webb Quits Democratic Primary but Hints at Independent Bid for President

Webb's campaign attracted little attention and inspired even less enthusiasm from voters, but the former Republican might still run as an independent candidate.


Jim Webb Is Pulling Out of the Democratic Race

He's still considering an independent bid—and he'll have Donald Trump's support, for whatever that's worth.


Democratic Presidential Contender Jim Webb Once Boxed Oliver North

He may not win the presidential election, but Webb cannot be beaten.


What We Learned from the First Democratic Debate

Hillary Clinton is still the frontrunner. And Jim Webb killed a guy in 'Nam.


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Watch VICE News' coverage of the Democratic party's first presidential primary debate.


Obama's Trade Deal Is Making Things Awkward for Democrats in Tonight's Debate

International trade negotiations are something Americans don't usually give two shits about. But the TPP might make Tuesday's Vegas showdown a little more interesting.


What to Look for in Tonight's Democratic Debate from Clinton, Sanders, and the Rest

Here's a rundown of the individuals, issues, and dynamics at play as the Democratic presidential candidates get the first of six chances to distinguish themselves alongside their rivals on national television.


The Bizarre Mystery of Jim Webb's Presidential Campaign

Jim Webb is a war hero, novelist, and former senator who once almost beat a biker to death with his bare hands. He also hates politics. So what is he doing running for president?


Are Democrats Stuck with Hillary Clinton for 2016?

As Hillary Clinton's campaign stumbles, Democrats are starting to panic about their presumptive 2016 nominee. So we went looking for another option.


Super PACs Aren't Bad, They're Just Embarrassing

Super PACs may be a terrifying harbinger of the death of democracy, but at least they're good for a dick joke.


The Weird, Wild Novels of Democratic Presidential Candidate Jim Webb

Now that the former Virginia Senator is officially running, I'm willing to bet that the sentence "The man grabbed his young son in his arms, turned him upside down, and put the boy's penis in his mouth" will resurface.