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Stephon Marbury and Jimmer Fredette, Basketball's Yin and Yang, Tango in China

The two guards got into a heated exchange that is actually steeped in meaning.
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Jimmer Fredette

There's a Universe Where Jimmer Fredette and Carlos Boozer Play Each Other in a Chinese Basketball League (This Is That Universe)

Jimmer Fredette dropped 51 in a Chinese basketball league and—what the…is that Carlos Boozer?
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Jimmer Fredette

Jimmer Fredette's Journey From Top to Bottom

Jimmer Fredette was the biggest star at BYU and a top 10 draft pick in the NBA. Then, he was a benchwarmer. Now, he's in the D-League, trying to claw his way back onto the big stage in front of tiny crowds with the Westchester Knicks.
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jimmermania redux

Jimmer Fredette Is the Steph Curry of the D-League

Jimmer Fredette was a star in college and then he was a washout of a lottery pick. Now in the D-League, he's back on top again with the Westchester Knicks. Can he ride this second wave into the NBA?
David Vertsberger
reel talk

Reel Talk: The Fourth Corbin Smith Review Of Online Basketball Highlights

Bill Russell comes out of the past to blow minds, James Harden briefly pays attention long enough to score 50 points, and Jimmer Fredette roars in suburban exile.
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Shoot Until They Tell You To Stop, Or The Jimmer Fredette Lesson

After being cut by San Antonio, former NCAA star and NBA Draft Lottery pick Jimmer Fredette likely is out of the league. Why was the shot-jacking guard considered so good in the first place?
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