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5 days ago

Watch Aaron Paul Furiously Recap All of 'Breaking Bad' in Two Minutes

Let Jesse Pinkman catch you up before 'El Camino' hits Netflix on Friday.


Joaquin Phoenix's Profanity-Laden 'Joker' Outtake Was a Hoax

After footage of Phoenix cussing out a cinematographer on set made the rounds, his publicist revealed the whole thing was fake.


Jimmy Kimmel Is in Trouble With the FCC for Using Emergency Alert Sounds

The FCC fined ABC $395,000 after a "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" sketch used emergency alert system sounds three times.


Watch Megan Thee Stallion Totally Kill It on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

The 'Fever' rapper delivered a performance so commanding it's surprising this is her first foray into late night TV.


Stop Everything and Watch Ali Wong Mimic Keanu Reeves's Weird Laugh

Wait, does Keanu actually laugh like a human airhorn sound effect?


Lady Gaga: Sorry Everybody, Me and Bradley Cooper Are Not Boning

"People saw love, and guess what—that's what we wanted you to see!"


Sacha Baron Cohen Brought Back Borat and Duped a Bunch of Trump Voters

"It’s up to Kazakhstan to swing the midterms for Premier Trump. I come to California to do election tampering."


Kanye West Finally Answers That Trump Question

In a new interview, the Chicago rapper responds to Jimmy Kimmel's question about whether he thinks Donald Trump cares about black people.


Watch Big Sean, PUSHA-T, Trippie Redd, and More Get Roasted on Mean Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel rounded up a "Hip-Hop Edition" of Mean Tweets and the owns were legendary.


Kanye West Brings His Galaxy Brain to 'Kimmel' for a Troubling Interview

Kimmel briefly challenged West on his pro-Trump comments, but the rapper mostly hit all of his old marks.


Dave Grohl Gives His Own Severed Head to Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel will, he says, pass it on to his own mother.