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'Serious Failings' at BBC Allowed Decades of 'Monstrous' Abuse by Broadcaster Jimmy Savile

A long-awaited report into the BBC found that macho culture, deference to celebrity, and hierarchy were to blame for the failure to report decades of child abuse.
Sally Hayden

My Six Years with Jimmy Savile: An Interview with His Biographer

Dan Davies interviewed Savile over six years in order to write his now award-winning biography, 'In Plain Sight.'
David Whelan

Why We Should Care About the Future of the BBC

The UK's new minister for culture thinks the TV license fee is "worse than a poll tax" and it's generating fear throughout the BBC. "There's a feeling that it's the end," said an in-house producer we spoke to.
Cat McShane

An Interview with Louis Theroux

We spoke to the filmmaker about how he evolved from the laugh-heavy oddness of Weird Weekends to sensitive, important investigations into mental health and transgender politics.
Eleanor Morgan

Why Do We Assume Pedophiles Look a Certain Way?

We tried to get to the bottom of the stereotypes surrounding child sex abusers.
Adam Forrest
Here Be Dragons

Do Public Figures Accused of Rape Deserve Anonymity?

The British politician Mark Pritchard has been cleared of rape allegations and believes it's unfair that his accuser has the right to remain anonymous while defendants in these cases are named.
Martin Robbins

A Look Back at the Pedophilia Scandals That Swallowed Britain Whole in 2014

In 2014, a series of often seemingly intertwining child sex abuse stories have engulfed the UK in what has become the biggest scandal of modern times.
Tim Burrows
Here Be Dragons

Sexual Abuse Is a Far Bigger Problem Than False Rape Allegations

Widespread and unjustified skepticism about rape claims could make victims fearful of reporting such a serious crime.
Martin Robbins
Here Be Dragons

How Can the UK Prevent Child Abuse?

We know next to nothing about child abuse in Britain.
Martin Robbins

How the UK Finally Turned into a Nation of Pedophile Hunters

British society has stopped ignoring child abuse and is tackling it head-on. What's changed?
Tom Lamont
the vice reader

'Trainspotting' Author Irvine Welsh Doesn't Regret Choosing Life

With an adaptation of his book, Filth, now out in UK theaters, the author of 90s classic, Trainspotting talks to us about the new movie, the politics of heroin abuse, and porno.
Nathalie Olah

The Journalist Who Was Arrested for Investigating a Pedophile Orphanage

Jersey is an island of around 100,000 people nestled between Guernsey and the coast of Normandy. In 2008, small human remains were found at Haut de la Garenne, a former orphanage on the island. A subsequent investigation exposed a history of sexual...
Camille Standen