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JJ Redick Deserves All-Star Consideration, Don't @ Me

The Philadelphia 76ers guard should be recognized for everything he does on one of the league's better teams.


Free Agency Landing Spots for Players Not Named LeBron James or Paul George

While LeBron and a couple other stars occupy all the headlines, these "others" are good enough to impact the league's big picture...if they land in the right situation.


This Summer Is Setting Us Up for NBA Trade Deadline Insanity

With so many short-term contracts for talented players who deserve more, the 2018 trade deadline could be bananas.


A Clipper Breakup Would Reverberate Across the League

There is good reason to think that this version of the Clippers will soon, and should soon, come to an end.


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The Los Angeles Clippers appear to be the NBA's most well-rounded team, and our weekly league breakdown takes a closer look.


Why the Clippers Are the NBA's Best Team Right Now

The Clippers are winning because they enter every game with more talent and continuity than their opponents, and the star power of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin cannot be matched.


J.J. Redick's Renaissance of Repetition

J.J. Redick entered the NBA as a skinny shooter, and it's what he still is. He's become a star by becoming the best and most precise version of himself possible.


Watching The Los Angeles Clippers, Who Are More Themselves Than Ever

The Los Angeles Clippers are team with talent and problems to spare. But, more than anything else, they are their own weird and uniquely self-defeating thing.


DeAndre Jordan Picks his Nose, Wipes it on J.J. Redick

DeAndre Jordan videobombed J.J. Redick last night after the Clippers beat the Hornets 99-92. He picked his nose (twice) and wiped it on Redick's back.


Hacking the NBA Three-Point Contest

There is a bit of data beneath the surface that can help reveal the true favorites going into the weekend's three-point contest.