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Boris Johnson’s First Day Back in Parliament Got Very, Very Ugly

Pro-Remain MPs say they're getting death threats that echo Johnson's own words, but the embattled prime minister appears totally shameless.


I Went to the World's Biggest Lego Store to Take Back Control of My Life

I built a haven from Brexit Britain in London's massive new toy shop.


The UK’s Far Right Is Fractured and Dangerous

Has the EU debate incubated a wider politics of hate?


British leaders pay tribute to slain MP Jo Cox

UK politicians have been recalled to parliament to pay tribute to the Labour MP who was killed in her constituency on Thursday.


We Can't Let Toxic Politics Taint the Legacy of Murdered UK MP Jo Cox

I plan to be out on Wednesday, on what would have been Jo's 42nd birthday, at one of many events being held around the world in honor of her memory.


Campaigning resumes in Britain's EU referendum following murder of Labor MP Cox

The only opinion poll carried out since the killing showed that 45 percent of those polled wanting to remain in the EU, and 42 percent saying they'd vote to leave in the June 23 referendum.


Photos from the London Vigil Held in Tribute to Murdered Labour MP Jo Cox

After MP Jo Cox was fatally stabbed and shot in her constituency on Thursday, June 16, hundreds gathered in London to remember her legacy on Friday.


Suspect in murder of British politician gives name as "death to traitors, freedom for Britain" in court

The murder of Jo Cox, who has served as a British Labor party member of parliament since last year, has rattled Britain at a time of heightened political discourse, as the vote to stay or remain in the European Union looms large.


Eyewitnesses describe the killing of British MP Jo Cox

In the wake of the murder of a British MP, VICE News speaks with eyewitnesses at the scene.


It's Pretty Hard to Buy a Gun in the UK

In a country where levels of gun violence are low, the killing of Jo Cox felt like a very un-British atrocity. We asked a firearms expert how on earth it could happen.


Suspected killer of British MP Jo Cox had ties to neo-Nazis in US

Thomas Mair reportedly purchased books from neo-Nazi group National Alliance on how to assemble homemade guns and explosives.