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I'm Not Hiring You Because You Don't Really Want the Job

Eagerness to get hired isn’t the same thing as enthusiasm for doing the work.
Anita Hamilton
workplace ghosting

How Companies Are Dealing with Millennials Ghosting on Their Jobs

Low unemployment rates in certain sectors and 'texting culture' can mean abrupt departures that create frustration for employers.
Anne Gaviola
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How to Negotiate Your Salary for the First Time

Negotiating your pay can mean more money now and a higher earning potential over your lifetime. Here's how to do it and why it is so important to start with your very first job offer.
Melissa Locker

This Is What Happens When You Lie on Your Resume

Some fibs will get you fired, others will get you hired. Here’s how to navigate the line between artful exaggeration and a flat out lie.
Rick Paulas

Your Cover Letter Is a Hot Mess

It's not enough to send in a resume. Here's how to write a cover letter that will actually land you a job interview.
Anita Hamilton

How to Answer the Trickiest Job Interview Question of All

It's not "Why do you want to work here?" or "What is your greatest weakness?" Here's how to get your answer to the real zinger down pat.
Rick Paulas

Can You Get a Job by Pulling a Stunt?

When you're trying to get hired, it's natural to want to stand out — but there's a fine line between being distinctive and just plain weird.
Rick Paulas

Netflix's '3%' Turns the Google Job Interview into a Dystopian Nightmare

Brazil is our future and our future is terrifying.
Matthew Gault