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Steve-O Is Still Smoking Pubes and Testing His Urine

We hung out with the 'Jackass' star midway through his UK tour.
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At the Pub with 'Dark Destroyer' Deta Hedman, the World's Best Female Darts Player

The best female darts player in the world on how she got started, racism in the game, and her frustration with the disparity between men's and women's tournaments.
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Heavy Drinkers, Party Drinkers, and Ex-Drinkers Talk About Their Relationship with Booze

We asked a few of our friends and colleagues to share their thoughts on alcohol and the role its played in their lives.
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A Press Trip for 'The Revenant' Convinced Me I'd Have No Chance of Surviving in the Wild

Would I be able to survive a bear attack, make a fire, build a stretcher, and stalk prey? In a word, no.
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I Made a Meal Out of a 'Cereal Café' Cookbook, and, Surprise, It Was Gross as Hell

Why not mix pickled onions, canned pineapple, and Cheerios? Because it's fucking disgusting, that's why.
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Britain at Night

The Founder of a 'Club Drug Clinic' on the Dangers of the Stuff You Put Into Your Body Every Weekend

A couple of years ago, we spoke with the founder of London's Club Drug Clinic. We checked in again recently and found out he's got all sorts of new issues to contend with.
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Britain Is a Weird Place

I Tried to Enjoy 24 Hours of Hedonism on an English Channel Ferry

The British love affair with getting drunk on a boat in the middle of the sea is a weird phenomenon.
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The Most Affordable Town for London’s Commuters Is Full of Snakes and Despair

Lloyds Bank reckon people who work in the city should move to Wellingborough because it's really cheap. I went there and found out why.
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What's the Deal with YouTube's Rude Go-Pro Vigilante Cyclists?

Are they just doing their civic duty by drawing attention to drivers' bad behavior, or is their aggressive style counterproductive?
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A Generation of Entrepreneurs Are Being Stunted By Britain's Laughing-Gas Ban

What will become of the young men setting up shop outside East London's night clubs?
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Here's What I Found Inside London's Most Disgusting Sewer

I journeyed into the bowels of the city and found swamps of oil, "fatbergs," and millions of bugs.
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growing old

Here's What Growing Old Really Looks Like

Let's face it: we're not the kind of people who get engaged at 25 as the Daily Mail would have us believe.
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