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We Asked a Satanist What He's Doing for Christmas

Turns out it's pretty much the same thing as everyone else.
Joe Goodman

A Syrian Refugee Who Made it to the UK Across Europe Remembers His 2015

Kurdo started his 2015 helping out in refugee camps in Syria. By the end of the year he'd made the perilous journey across Europe and applied for asylum in the UK.
'Kurdo', as told to Joe Goodman
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Killjoy Geologists Have Debunked Explorers’ Claim of a Buried Nazi Train Filled with Gold

Thanks for crushing our Indiana Jones dreams, rock nerds!
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We Asked Some Young People if They'd Stop Doing Coke After Watching This Anti-Drug PSA

The short cartoon emphasizes the violence, death, and environmental damage caused by the drug trade.
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A Massive Cargo Ship Accident Was Caused by Rum

A Russian sailor was fired after it was discovered he drank half a liter of booze before driving a 7,000-ton ship into the Scottish coast.
VICE Staff

Kosovan Athletes Training for Their First Olympic Games

Photographer Jane Stockdale captures Kosovo's Olympians as they prepare for Rio 2016.
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​'Ladybeard' Is the Feminist Magazine Talking About Real Sex

This is what glossies will look like once patriarchy is a thing of the past.
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Beatbox Flutist Azeem Ward Is a Living Internet Meme

For a week or so, Ward was a true internet icon, with over 50,000 people tuning into a livestream of his flute recital. But what happens when the buzz starts to die?
Joe Goodman

All the Weird Shit I Saw at This Year's Stonehenge Summer Solstice

A boy in a panda hat doing NOS balloons, couples fingering each other in sleeping bags, and a strange tent-human hybrid.
Joe Goodman

It's Bullshit That Gays Can't Donate Blood in the UK

The MSM blood ban is enforcing homophobia.
Joe Goodman