Joe Manchin


Democrats are having a family feud over the new Medicare for All bill

The issue exemplifies the internal debate about whether to tack further left or move toward the middle.


In raging act of defiance, Sen. Joe Manchin delivers jam to Mitch McConnell

McConnell reportedly said he wanted to "crush Manchin like a grape."


Get ready for a massive fight over gun control in Congress in 2019

Congress hasn't had a serious gun control debate since 2013. That's about to change.


Senator Who Shot a Climate Change Bill with a Rifle to Lead Energy Committee

Senator Joe Manchin has been named as the senior Democrat on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee.


Nick Saban, Jerry West, and Bob Huggins Endorse WV Democrat for Senate

Saban, West, and WVU basketball coach Bob Huggins threw their support behind West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin in a new ad about coaches who support the senatorial candidate.


Joe Manchin says he voted yes on Brett Kavanaugh “based on the facts”

The Democrat is facing a tough re-election fight in a state President Trump won by 40 percentage points.


One Republican just flipped, but is it enough to stop Kavanaugh?

"I believe Brett Kavanaugh is a good man," Sen. Lisa Murkowski told BuzzFeed. "In my view, he’s not the right man for the court at this time."


Brett Kavanaugh just got some very good news

Two Republican holdouts signal they're satisfied with the results of the FBI probe.


Can You Win in Trump Country with a Bernie Sanders Platform?

A West Virginia activist's crusade to unseat the leader of the state's Democratic Establishment.


“Dark Lord of Coal” says mine tragedy that killed 29 isn't his fault

Just a few weeks ago, Blankenship walked out of a halfway house after serving his one year sentence. He immediately launched a Tweet storm- blasting regulators, politicians and the government for his prison time and filed an appeal for vindication to...


Congress's 11 Most Spineless Reactions to Trump Firing Comey

These politicians are totally fine with the president getting rid of the guy investigating him.