Joe Strummer

Remembering Things

Joe Strummer’s Radio Show Captured a Punk Legend at the End of His Life

The Clash frontman’s gig as a DJ for the BBC was a brilliant glimpse into the mind and record collection of a rock icon.
Dan Ozzi

David Bowie and The Clash Were Fans of Derek Boshier’s Art, and You Should Be Too

The British pop art great walks us through his new exhibit to reflect on collaborating with Bowie, tutoring Joe Strummer, and painting iPhones.
Katie Bain

Visionary Director Alex Cox on Joe Strummer, Punk, and Getting 'Blacklisted' by Hollywood

We spoke to the director of 'Repo Man' and 'Sid and Nancy' about his career and the new film he's crowdfunding.
Harry Sword

Julien Temple Filmed the Breakout of British Punk

And he's just released a new documentary featuring never-before-seen footage from the Clash's 1977 New Year's Day show.
Amelia Abraham
Holy Shit

Science Finally Does Something Cool and Names a Snail After The Clash’s Joe Strummer

At last, some cool science news.
Dan Ozzi
Longreads Or Whatever

Vodka, Groupies, and Private Jets: Partying with Classical Musicians Is Cooler than Hanging out with Rock Stars

Nights with the likes of Currentzis and Gergiev sound a lot more fun than partying with Mumford and Sons or Clean Bandit.
Peter Culshaw

An Interview with Jim Jarmusch About His New Film 'Only Lovers Left Alive'

We talked about his new film, New York City, and how to stay creatively relevant.
Michelle Lhooq

Spanish Bombs: Granada Unveils Joe Strummer Plaza

Punk rock was never meant to gain municipal recognition, but with time it often occurs that what was once rebellion becomes part of the establishment. Joe Strummer of the Clash has been no stranger to public acknowledgement, and yesterday the city of...
Nick Hilden
Marshall Headphones: On The Road - BRANDED

Rockfield Studios With a Wizard

A visit to Rockfield Studios, the Abbey Road of the rock world with, Krusher a man synonymous with heavy metal for decades.
VICE Staff