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Jerry Seinfeld and David Letterman Have the Exact Same Joey Votto Story

The two comedy stars gushed about Votto acknowledging them at ballgames.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Father Finds Joey Votto Home Run Ball for Son's Memorial Wall

A stranger reached out to give the family the solo home run ball that Votto hit, which had a lot of sentimental value for their child.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Potatoes Mashed

This Cubs-Reds Game Has More Runs Than Anyone Knows What to Do With

It's a homerpalooza out there.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Baseball's Most Underappreciated Star Joey Votto Continues to Evolve

The Reds' quiet superstar keeps finding ways to improve his game outside the spotlight in small-market Cincinnati.
Blake Murphy

The Reds May Not Be Good Yet, But They Are Definitely Exciting

Would it surprise you if I said that the Reds—yes, the Reds!—have the highest contact rate in the National League?
Rian Watt

Are the Brewers the Most Interesting Team in the NL Central?

We run through the NL Central, from the dominant Cubs to the ascendant (in 2018ish) Brewers to the very dismal Cincinnati Reds.
Rian Watt

How the Blue Jays Can Replace Encarnacion and Bautista, and Still Be Good

We look at potential targets the Blue Jays should explore this offseason in the event they lose their two free-agent sluggers.
Andrew Stoeten
joey votto

Poor Joey Votto is Stuck on a Team Going Nowhere

Joey Votto, one of baseball's best hitters, is stuck in Cincinnati forever.
Steven Goldman
joey votto

Joey Votto Gets Super Salty with Fan Who Interfered on Foul Ball, Apologizes with Signed Ball

Joey Votto had a minor dustup with a fan and apologized with a note and signed ball an inning later.
Sean Newell

Joey Votto is a Stone-Cold, Souvenir Ball-Denying Troll

"Joey Votto is the villain we deserve."
Liam Daniel Pierce

Supernova Jackie Bradley, Greater Fools, and Clayton Kershaw: This Particular Week In Baseball

A consideration of trades that don't get made in light of Jackie Bradley Jr.'s Mike Trout-esque start, very simple math on Clayton Kershaw, and watching the Reds forever.
Matthew Kory
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Joey Votto Is Playing Chess

Baseball's better hitters have a plan at the plate. Joey Votto has something more like a worldview, and is once again using it to smash everything.
Miles Wray