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New music

Ross From Friends' New Track Bridges Lo-Fi House and Bedroom Pop

The London producer earned the 'lo-fi' tag last year, and now that he's signed to Brainfeeder he's expanding his sound further on "John Cage."
Lauren O'Neill

These Two Experimental Pieces Feel Like They Can Slow Down Time

Alvin Lucier's 'Criss Cross / Hanover' and Steve Reich's 'Pulse / Quartet,' continue several decades of their time-twisting compositional experiments.
Colin Joyce

A Brief History of Music That Doesn't Need to Be Listened To

The evolution of ambient music started much earlier than you probably think.
Giovanni Coppola

On Brian Eno and the End of De-Civilization

Eno's new album 'Reflection' is arrhythmic and unpredictable. In the Age of Trump, it's also a clarion call for meditation.
Keagon Voyce
Noisey Interviews

Bing & Ruth on Finding the Humanity in America Again

On their new album, 'No Home of the Mind,' the ambient ensemble find themselves on the cusp of avant-garde greatness. But really, they just want to be human.
Lewis Gordon
Holy Shit

This Song Is Called "John Cage's 4'33" with a Huge Shitty Drop at the End” and That’s What It Is

Why would we ever lie to you?
Phil Witmer

[Premiere] John Cage Gets Reinterpreted Through Electronica

Producer Murcof and pianist Vanessa Wagner combine classical piano and brooding electronica for a version of Cage's 'In a Landscape.'
Kevin Holmes

Artist Turns Boat into Mirrored Art & Sound Installation

Inspired by the Fluxus movement, a former freight boat will becoming a floating polyhedron sculpture for reflection and debates.
Kevin Holmes

Glenn Branca's Really Experimental Music: Why the Composer Is Still Punk After All These Years

If art music and rock music sat at either end of a scale, Glenn Branca would be standing on the fulcrum, smashing each side with as many guitars as possible.
Keagon Voyce

Watch This DJ Make Trap Music Using a Cactus

The weirdest thing about this is that he is not the first to use a succulent to make some sweet tunes.
Daniel Oberhaus
deep dives

A Nation of Tinkerers: How a Canadian University Shaped Electronic Music in North America

The history of a Toronto basement studio and the unsung pioneers who put it on the world stage.
Michael Rancic

John Cale's 21st Century: Music for a New Society, for a New Society

The Velvet Underground's founder discusses the dramatic rework of his seminal LP 'Music for a New Society,' plus he talks Lou Reed, drugs, God, punk, and much more.
Jonathan Valania