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The Best of Athlete Halloween Costumes

DeAndre Hopkins as a Na'vi from Avatar was a pretty elaborate job, and Conor McDavid as Homer Simpson is fucking horrifying. But Golden Tate won the pun game.
Liam Daniel Pierce

For Tigers Fans, Memphis Playing NCAA Tournament Host Is Salt in an Open Wound

Memphis' hosting of the NCAA Tournament's most glamorous regional—with Kentucky, UCLA, UNC, and Butler—is a painful reminder of how much the city wants its beloved, struggling Tigers to be great again.
Ray Glier
college basketball

College Basketball is Here to Save You

Rick Pitino losing his mind, Duke just straight up losing. It was a good night for college basketball.
Sean Newell
Holy Shit

Drake Does 45 Minute Interview with Basketball Coach

In hopes of scoring lifetime season tickets, Drake sits down with Coach John Calipari.
Lawrence Burney
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On Calipari's Kentucky, Hawkins and Willis Are the Rare Senior Wildcats

Derek Willis and Dominique Hawkins are friends, teammates, and a rarity in college basketball: senior scholarship players for the University of Kentucky.
Tim Casey
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Should College Coaches Be Held Responsible for Just About Everything?

During a recent interview, Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari raised an important question: To what extent should coaches be accountable for scandals involving their programs?
Michael Weinreb
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The Wild Ride Of Slice Rohrssen, College Basketball's Great Persuader

Barry "Slice" Rohrssen has acted in movies and managed hot NYC nightclubs, but hoops has always been his heart. Now he's the best recruiter in college basketball.
Matthew Giles
Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: The Time John Chaney Threatened to Kill John Calipari

The Atlantic-10 Conference of the 1980s was a heated place.
Matt Osgood
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College Basketball's One-And-Done Rule Fails Everybody

A decade into its existence, the NBA eligibility rule that effectively forces athletes to play at least one season of college basketball before being drafted has proved to be bad for both players and the sport.
Michael Weinreb
college basketball

Kind Of Blue: Some Reasons Why Kentucky (Maybe) Might Not Be An Elite Team

As usual, Kentucky lost a ton of talented players. As usual, John Calipari replaced them with blue-chip recruits. But this year's Wildcats have some unusual holes.
Jonathan Tjarks

Ride Along: Karl-Anthony Towns on Rookie Life and Leaving Home

Before Karl-Anthony Towns left home, we went to Piscataway to talk to the new member of the Minnesota Timberwolves to hear what he thought about playing with KG, the Dominican National Team, and leaving home sweet home.
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Sacramento Kings

What in the World is Going On With the Sacramento Kings?

the Sacramento Kings are doing something. What that exactly is, is anyone's guess.
Sean Newell