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US Special Forces Couldn’t See Afghan Hospital When They Called in Deadly Strike

New details have emerged about the location of US forces ahead of the deadly airstrike that killed 30 people and destroyed a Doctors Without Borders Hospital in the Afghan city of Kunduz.
Avi Asher-Schapiro

The Secret Authoritarian History of Science Fiction

Many have been surprised by the recent controversies stirred up by SF's right-wing writers—but they shouldn't be.
David Forbes
Opinion and Analysis

Why Afghanistan Is Like the Color-Changing Dress (And Also In a Lot of Trouble)

Recent reports have suggested there are plunging troop numbers in the army, an apparent rise in the prevalence of private armies, and a lack of accountability for abuses.
Gary Owen

Bomb Attacks Rock Nigeria as Neighbors Step Up Fight Against Boko Haram

The multinational response to the group is escalating, with protests, military operations and a $87 million fund.
Sally Hayden
war and conflict

Taliban Claims 'Defeat' of US and Allies in Afghanistan as NATO Withdraws Troops

Insurgents vow to reinstall Islamic government and drive 13,000 remaining troops out of the country after coalition's 13-year mission comes to official close.
Kayla Ruble

Nigerian President Sacks Doctors on Strike During the Ebola Outbreak

The move was prompted by the increasing number Ebola infections within the country in order for hospital management to restore the medical care that is so urgently needed.
Chris Köver