John Cornyn


John Cornyn thinks "penis," "vagina," and "scrotum" are swear words

Cornyn’s campaign team triggered a feud with Patton Oswalt after the comedian and actor made a cameo in a campaign video for MJ Hegar.


“It’s a mess:” The GOP is pretty pissed at Trump's gutting of Homeland Security

The major shakeup at DHS is widely believed to be at the urging of Stephen Miller, an immigration hard-liner.


Top Republicans are warning Trump not to close the border

“It’s part of the way he negotiates, but I’m not sure that’s a particularly good idea"


Sally Yates Fought Off a GOP Roast During the Russia Hearing

Republican Senators tried to make former acting Attorney General Sally Yates squirm, but Yates arrived ready for battle.


The Senate Just Approved a Bill That Would Let Families of 9/11 Victims Sue Saudi Arabia

The legislation passed unanimously, despite a veto threat from President Barack Obama and warnings from Saudi officials about possible repercussions.


Ted Cruz, the Most Hated Man in Congress, Has Returned to Washington

Senators are waiting to see whether the failed presidential candidate will alter his tactics in Congress, but Cruz is indicating that nothing will change.


An Arizona Man Allegedly Threw a Burrito Covered in Racial Slurs at Immigration Activists

Protesters on hunger strike in Phoenix, Arizona, claimed that a man pulled up to their camp site and threw a burrito with the word "wetback" written on it numerous times.