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The Mountain Goat's John Darnielle feels "awful" he doesn't like The Kinks

I'm going to lose people who love me: I've never liked the Kinks," he said.
Caroline Pahl
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The Mountain Goats Honor a WWE Star on "Song for Sasha Banks"

Banks asked for the song on Twitter three years ago, shortly after John Darnielle released 'Beat the Champ.'
Alex Robert Ross
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The Mountain Goats' Surprise New EP Is All About Ozzy Osbourne

'Marsh Witch Visions,' released without warning last night, is another trip into the heavy metal imagination from John Darnielle.
Alex Robert Ross
Holy Shit

Here’s Against Me!’s New Live Film, Featuring a Perfect Mountain Goats Cover

The 50-minute Apple Music video features Laura Jane Grace's solo take on John Darnielle's "The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton."
Alex Robert Ross

John Darnielle Lived the Teenage Goth Life I Never Did

“You don’t have to be goth 24 hours a day” and other lessons from the Mountain Goats frontman.
Cam Lindsay
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The Mountain Goats Go In Search of “Hidden Truth,” on Grainy New Song “Etruscans”

John Darnielle returns to his roots for the 71st installment of the Our First 100 Days project.
Alex Robert Ross
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Listen to a Delightful New Mountain Goats Single and Prepare for New Album, 'Goths'

“Andrew Eldritch Is Moving Back to Leeds” arrived this morning and the Mountain Goats 16th studio album will be out on May 19.
Alex Robert Ross

John Darnielle Is the Voice of Outcasts and Weirdos Everywhere

We spent the day with the author and Mountain Goats frontman to talk about his excellent novel 'Universal Harvester,' mosh pits, and North Carolina politics.
Drew Millard
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Listen to the Mountain Goats' Rejected Star Wars Song "The Ultimate Jedi Who Wastes All the Other Jedi and Eats Their Bones"

Now you know that Rian Johnson has a Soundcloud.
Phil Witmer
The Music Issue

Meet the People Who Put Together the October Issue of VICE Magazine

October's employees of the month include punk star Laura Jane Grace, photographer Meryl Meisler, and author John Darnielle.
VICE Staff
The Music Issue

'Universal Harvester': An Excerpt from John Darnielle's New Novel

Bob spent most of the year by himself in a farmhouse on a property he owned outside Collins. If he still hunted or fished, it wasn't with anybody he'd known back when he lived in town: Nobody really knew what Bob did with his time.
John Darnielle

John Darnielle on Horror, His Novel ‘Wolf in White Van,’ and the Enduring Appeal of Pasolini

We spoke over the phone with the author and Mountain Goats mastermind, who opened up about his love of horror flicks and watching art-house films at 12.
Mark Doten