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T-Mobile CEO Tells Congress That Reducing Competition Will Increase Competition

T-Mobile and Sprint are trying to merge, which would make three major cell phone providers instead of four.
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T-Mobile’s Obscure $30 Plan Now Works With the Latest Un-carrier Perks

A temporary glitch prevented subscribers of a little-known $30 data plan from signup for things like free pizza and movie tickets.
Nicholas Deleon

T-Mobile CEO to EFF: ‘Who the Fuck Are You?’

John Legere says his critics are arguing 'semantics' about the net neutrality implications of T-Mobile's video streaming program.
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T-Mobile Won’t Count Some Video Streaming Services Toward Your Data Caps Anymore

Similar to its “Music Freedom” initiative, T-Mobile is now encouraging you to “binge on.”
Rachel Pick
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Class Action Lawsuits Are Now Piling Up Following Breach of T-Mobile Data

Hackers managed to break into the servers of a data processor that T-Mobile used, exposing 15 million people’s private data.
Nicholas Deleon

T-Mobile Lost My Social Security Number

The carrier wants to put all the blame for a recent data breach on Experian, but T-Mobile is the name people trusted with their data.
Adrianne Jeffries
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Data Breach Affects as Many as 15 Million T-Mobile Consumers

The “Uncarrier” is offering identity theft protection to affected customers.
Nicholas Deleon
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Sprint and T-Mobile Want to Lease You an iPhone 6s for Practically Nothing

Consumers are benefitting from both companies’ sense of oneupmanship.
Nicholas Deleon
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The Death of Cellphone Contracts Has Created an iPhone Price War

First Apple undercut the carriers, then the carriers responded in kind.
Nicholas Deleon
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Sprint, Too, Kills Its Two-Year Contracts

And then there was one.
Nicholas Deleon
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T-Mobile Wants to Crash the Banking Industry's Party

T-Mobile CEO and infamous party-crasher John Legere yesterday announced a new personal finance service. It's further evidence the industry is ripe for disruption.