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Here's What the White House Tried to Do to Keep Trump From Seeing the USS John S. McCain

Worried about the president's anger, staffers reportedly asked for the ship to be "out of sight" during his visit to Japan.


Martha McSally lost, but she gets to join the Senate anyway

With her appointment, Arizona is joining a handful of states that have two female senators — in this case, two who were bitter adversaries just last month.


Google Blames Users For Renaming Senate Office Building After John McCain

The Russell Senate Office Building appeared as the McCain Senate Office Building on Google Maps Wednesday.


Google Maps has already renamed this Senate office building for Sen. John McCain

The fight is just beginning in the Senate, but in the court of public opinion, the matter is already resolved by Google.


Conservatives Could Learn a Lot from How McCain Handled Race

He made plenty of mistakes but was open about his failures. That's more than can be said for many on the right today.


The President's Post-Death Feud with McCain Is Trump at His Petty Worst

The absurd disrespect on display says a lot about what American politics has become.


"I lived and died a proud American": Read Sen. John McCain’s final farewell message

The late Sen. John McCain urged Americans to avoid hiding “behind walls” and confusing patriotism with “tribal rivalries,” in his final statement to the U.S.


Watch Donald Trump pretend he can't hear questions about John McCain

Trump responded with uncharacteristic silence when a reporter repeatedly gave him the chance to to say something vaguely nice


Here's how John McCain's death will shift the political landscape

Rumors are his wife Cindy may take over his Senate seat


Death isn't stopping Trump's nasty feud with John McCain

The president threw out a prepared White House statement, saying he preferred to tweet instead.


John McCain dead at 81

Inside the life of the Republican Senator and Vietnam war hero.


John McCain's Good Intentions Couldn't Save America

The central tragedy of McCain's career is that his crusades resulted in little lasting change and his principles were ignored by the party he spent his life supporting.