John McEnroe


John McEnroe Says Serena is "Best Female Player Ever," Reheats Dumb Debate

McEnroe isn't wrong about Serena Williams, but that doesn't mean he's right.


Charles Oakley Arrested after Bizarre Fight with MSG Security During Knicks Game [UPDATE]

Former Knicks enforcer Charles Oakley was reportedly yelling at owner James Dolan in the stands of Madison Square Garden and then a whole scene ensued.


Nick Kyrgios Booed by Fellow Aussies During Melt Down at the Australian Open

"{Kyrgios} could be the best player in the world, but mentally he's No. 200 in the world," said John McEnroe.


Rafael Nadal Stops Match when Distraught Mother Can't Find her Daughter

The two were eventually reunited after the whole stadium stopped to look around for the girl.


Why didn't Terry Collins Go With Hard-Throwing Lefty John McEnroe in the 8th Inning?

Johnny Mac was throwing heat last night. Why didn't Collins use him in a tight spot in the eighth?


Throwback Thursday: John McEnroe Loses His Cool, Seriously

In a 1981 Wimbledon match against Tom Gullickson, John McEnroe unleashed the most famous four-word tirade in tennis history: YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS.


Throwback Thursday: Michael Chang Wins The French Open At 17

Despite playing with a heavy heart over the Tiananmen Square Massacre, 17-year-old Michael Change stunned the tennis world by winning the 1989 French Open.


Whole Lotta 30-Love: John McEnroe's Classic Rock Racket

In 1991, McEnroe set out to re-record a jolt of pure rock energy that first hit the airwaves when he was 12 years old—not coincidentally, the perfect age for Led Zeppelin indoctrination—for Rock Aid Armenia. Roger Daltrey sang, because why not.


Sorry, Stan Wawrinka, But Tennis Needs More Trash Talk

When Nick Kyrgios recently trash-talked Stan Wawrinka during a match, the tennis world recoiled in horror. Too bad. The sport should embrace heated verbal volleys.


What's With Tennis and Douchebag Behaviour?

The recent history of professional men's tennis is littered with incidents of bad on and off-court behaviour.


The Tennis Time Traveller: Roger Federer's Ongoing Greatness At Wimbledon

Despite a loss in the Wimbledon final to Novak Djokovic—or perhaps because of it—Roger Federer continues to amaze, transcending eras in a rapidly-evolving sport.



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