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Indonesia elections

Here’s what you need to know about Indonesia’s massive elections

Religion has been a hot election topic, with both candidates seeking to portray their hard-line Islamic credentials
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A Christian governor in Indonesia is on trial for insulting Islam

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Indonesia executed four convicted drug offenders by firing squad

10 other people who were going to be shot on Friday got a reprieve, and 16 more are scheduled to be killed this year by the government of President Joko Widodo.
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Indonesia Plans to Castrate Pedophiles Following Rampant Reports of Sexual Abuse

To crack down on the country's epidemic of child sexual abuse, the Indonesian government proposed tougher sentences, including implanting microchips in perpetrators' ankles, chemical castration, and the death penalty.
Stanley Widianto
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Indonesia Is Preparing to Execute More than a Dozen People for Drug Crimes

Last year, the government executed 12 foreign citizens and two Indonesians for drug crimes, sparking international outcry and leading several countries to withdraw their ambassadors from Jakarta.
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Harsh Drugs Laws, Rising HIV Rates, and Indonesia's Battle Over Both

The country's aggressive policing techniques — simply possessing clean needles can be enough to be thrown in jail — appear to be hampering efforts to prevent the spread of HIV among intravenous drug users.
Jonathan Vit

Do Indonesians Agree With Their Government’s Plan to Castrate Pedophiles?

After a series of high-profile sexual abuse cases, Indonesia is on the verge of mandating chemical castration. We asked people around Jakarta for their thoughts.
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Indonesia's Drug Czar Still Wants Island Prison Guarded by Crocodiles—and Tigers and Piranhas Too

The director of the National Narcotics Agency said his proposal would cut down on prison corruption because you can't bribe crocodiles.
Reuters and VICE News

A Look at Indonesian President Joko Widodo's Efforts to Stamp Out Corruption

He went into office promising to modernize Indonesia. How has he fared in his first 15 months?
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Indonesia's Massive Fires Have Made Half a Million People Sick

An especially strong El Niño is intensifying fires in Borneo and Sumatra that are intentionally set to clear forests for palm oil, pulp paper, and timber plantations.
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Indonesia Air Force Crash That Killed 141 Sparks Investigation Into Paying Passengers

Indonesian authorities are investigating whether the plane violated military rules that prohibit picking up and charging non-military passengers.
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Indonesian Court Rejects Appeal by Frenchman on Death Row for Drug Trafficking

Serge Atlaoui, 51, had contested Indonesian President Joko Widodo's refusal to pardon him after he was sentenced to death for working at an ecstasy lab.
Matthieu Jublin