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Indonesia Is Preparing to Execute More than a Dozen People for Drug Crimes

Last year, the government executed 12 foreign citizens and two Indonesians for drug crimes, sparking international outcry and leading several countries to withdraw their ambassadors from Jakarta.
Samuel Oakford

Thanks to FIFA and National Politics, Indonesian Soccer is a Giant Mess

Politics, bad business, and FIFA meddling continue to keep the world's fourth largest country from attaining a decent soccer infrastructure.
Rowan Kane
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Indonesia's Drug Czar Still Wants Island Prison Guarded by Crocodiles—and Tigers and Piranhas Too

The director of the National Narcotics Agency said his proposal would cut down on prison corruption because you can't bribe crocodiles.
Reuters and VICE News
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Indonesia's Fires Are Emitting More Carbon Pollution Than the Entire US Economy

Over 100,000 fires are burning, mostly on the islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan, in order to make way for palm oil, timber, and pulp and paper plantations.
Matt Smith
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After Decades, Indonesia to Allow Foreign Journalists Into West Papua

Indonesia announced on Sunday that foreign journalists will be allowed to travel unhindered to West Papau, a region where a 50-year separatist movement has challenged Indonesian territorial claims.
Scott Mitchell
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Indonesia Executed All But One of Nine Convicted Drug Smugglers, Sparing Filipino Woman

Indonesia reportedly executed eight convicted drug smugglers by firing squad, unexpectedly granting a last-minute reprieve to a domestic worker from the Philippines.
Scott Mitchell
Vice Blog

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran Could Face Firing Squads as Early as Tuesday

Time appears to be running out for Australia's convicted drug smugglers on death row in Indonesia.
VICE Australia
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'They Were Both Very Anti-Drugs': We Spoke to an Ex-Cell Mate of the 'Bali Nine' Smugglers on Death Row

Two Australian drug smugglers condemned to death in Indonesia lost what is said to be their final legal challenge on Monday. A former cell mate told VICE News what he thinks this says about justice in the country.
Scott Mitchell
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UN Rights Agency Urges Indonesian President to Suspend Executions of Drug Offenders

Objection to the country's latest round of planned killings has inspired a growing clamor of voices from around the world in an appeal to spare the lives of the condemned.
Liz Fields

Black Sabbath's Guitarist Wants Indonesia to Spare Australians on Death Row

Tony Iommi has written a letter to Indonesian president and metalhead Joko Widodo asking for two Australian citizens to be removed from death row.
Mark Hay

Black Sabbath Guitarist Pleads with Indonesia to Have Mercy on Australian Drug Smugglers

Tony Iommi is the latest heavy metal hero to lend his voice to the campaign to spare the lives of Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, who face imminent death by firing squad.
Sally Hayden

Jokowi's Motives are Being Questioned as Chan and Sukumaran Transfer for Execution

Indonesian president Joko Widodo has been accused of selectively choosing drug death statistics that have the greatest impact to serve his political aims.
Paul Gregoire