José Mourinho


This Gordon Ramsay-Jose Mourinho Meme is Perfect

The way Ramsay treats kids vs. adults on his cooking shows exactly matches Mourinho's managing style.
Liam Daniel Pierce
the special one

Man United Sent Scout to Iceland, Turns Out the Match Was in Qatar

Jose Mourinho with the intelligence report.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Bastian Schweinsteiger Made a Meal of his MLS Debut

Schweinsteiger sent out a clear warning: an uncaged Schweinsteiger is a threat enough.
Liam Daniel Pierce
the league cup: not actually a complete waste of time

Exploring Jose Mourinho’s Special Relationship With The League Cup

While other managers tend to neglect England’s third most prestigious domestic competition, the Special One respects its prosaic power. What’s more, it usually serves him well in return.
Will Magee
premier league

Manchester United Hammer In Two Goals Against Leicester in Just One Minute and Change

Seems like we'll have to wait a hundred years or so to get another miracle run from Leicester.
Liam Daniel Pierce
occasional tantrums and zero insight

Is It Time To Do Away With Post-Match Interviews In Soccer?

In light of Jose Mourinho’s latest meltdown in front of the cameras, maybe it’s time for us to admit that post-match interviews are a waste of everyone’s time.
Will Magee

Jose Mourinho Answers Journalist's Phone at United-Liverpool Press Conference

Jose Mourinho, once the darling of the English press, has that twinkle in his eye again.
Brian Blickenstaff

Mourinho and Ronaldo Allegedly Involved in Massive Tax Evasion Scheme

According to information leaked to Der Spiegel, Ronaldo could have hidden upwards of $160 million.
Liam Daniel Pierce
premier league

The Very British Fetish For the ‘Ugly’ Result: Reviewing Manchester United vs. Arsenal

We assess a dire game at Old Trafford, and what it does (and more importantly doesn’t) say about the uglier side.
Will Magee
premier league

Last Stand at Old Trafford: Previewing Manchester United vs. Arsenal

We discuss how Arsenal have so often gone to Old Trafford expecting to dispatch United in recent years, only to be violently rebuffed.
Will Magee
jose mourinho's footballing hunger games

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: Reviewing Swansea vs. Manchester United

We explore the possibility that Manchester United are better off when Jose Mourinho watches from the stands.
Will Magee
sad mourinho

Jose Mourinho Is Miserable Living Alone in a Hotel

The Special One sounds super bummed out about life right now.
Mike Vorkunov