José Mujica


Buried Faith and LSD: La Vida Bohème Finds Solace in ‘La Lucha’

The Venezuelan band moved to Mexico City, dealt with tragedy, and looked to understand the struggle in making their new album.
Isabela Raygoza

The Year the 'Pink Tide' Turned: Latin America in 2015

A new right wing president in Argentina and the gathering force of the opposition in Venezuela has left the longtime dominance of leftist governments in Latin America looking shaky.
Andrea Noel

Five Syrian Families in Uruguay Since 2014 Have Packed Their Bags and Want to ‘Get Out’

Former President Jose Mujica welcomed the Syrians from a refugee camp in Lebanon, but the current government said Lebanese officials don't want the unhappy Syrians back.
Christian Müller

'Send Us Back': Former Guantanamo Detainees Are Camping Out at the US Embassy in Uruguay

Five months after landing to freedom in Uruguay, the six refugees have failed to adapt. The US said it has "no obligation" to them, while Uruguay said it will no longer receive prisoners released from Guantanamo.
Christian Müller

New Uruguay President Postpones a Key Step in Jose Mujica's Marijuana Legalization Law

Days after taking office, President Tabaré Vázquez postponed the sale of cannabis in pharmacies. Vázquez, who served once as president before, has said drug legalization is a "story that ends badly."
Christian Müller

The US Finally Sealed the Deal and Sent Six Gitmo Detainees to Uruguay

Six Guantanamo Bay prisoners were sent to Uruguay in a long-awaited deal that marks the largest detainee transfer since Obama pledged to close the facility in 2009.
Meredith Hoffman

Uruguay's Marijuana Cultivators Are Gradually Coming Out of Their Grow Closets

Independent marijuana growers in Uruguay are slowly embracing the new legalization laws. But the country's landmark legislation could be at risk in the presidential election on November 30.
Christian Müller

The VICE Podcast - Uruguay's President José Mujica

In March we traveled to Uruguay to glimpse how the first nation to legalize and regulate the entire marijuana trade is constructing its laws. Along the way we met and interviewed José Mujica, the country’s president and the galvanizing force behind the...
VICE Staff

Uruguay Is Getting High as Officials Try to Snuff Out Tobacco

While the South American country passed laws to regulate the production of weed, officials are moving forward with stricter tobacco rules.
Rafael Castillo

Meet Uruguay's Charismatic 'Robin Hood' President

José Mujica donates 90 percent of his income to charity, and lives at his small farm rather than the country’s lavish presidential palace.
Krishna Andavolu
The Profiles Issue

Uruguay's Jose Mujica - President Chill

Profiling the world's chillest and most badass head of state who might just hold the key to ending the global drug war.
Krishna Andavolu

The Cannabis Republic of Uruguay

VICE correspondent Krishna Andavolu heads to Uruguay to see how the country is adjusting to a legally regulated marijuana market. He meets up with Uruguay's president, José Mujica, to burn one down and talk about the president's goals.
Krishna Andavolu