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Josh Homme Kicked a Female Photographer During a Concert

Video footage shows the Queens of the Stone Age frontman kicking Chelsea Lauren, who was injured during the incident which took place in California on Sunday night.
Lauren O'Neill
New music

Here's Josh Homme’s Soundtrack for the Palme d’Or-Nominated ‘In the Fade'

The OST, quietly released on Friday, is inevitably a little frustrating, but unmistakably the work of Homme.
Alex Robert Ross
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Josh Homme Is Telling You a Bedtime Story, Try Not to Freak Out

The QOTSA frontman recorded a seven-minute segment for the British children's TV network, CBeebies. Everything is fine.
Alex Robert Ross
New music

Listen to Queens of the Stone Age’s New LP, ‘Villains’

The band’s seventh studio album hit streaming services at midnight.
Alex Robert Ross
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Queens of the Stone Age Go Rockabilly In "The Way You Used to Do" Video

Also, did you know Josh Homme could dance?
Lauren O'Neill
New music

Queens of the Stone Age Return to Form with Sprawling "The Evil Has Landed"

Also, listen to Josh Homme get nerdy with Zane Lowe about the song's structure.
Phil Witmer
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"Uptown Funk" Convinced Josh Homme to Work with Mark Ronson

The wedding and bar mitzvah favourite is what convinced QOTSA that Ronson was the man to produce their new album.
Lauren O'Neill
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Here's a Trailer for the New Iggy Pop and Josh Homme Movie, 'American Valhalla'

The documentary tells the story around Iggy's brilliant 'Post Pop Depression' LP.
Alex Robert Ross
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Lady Gaga's "John Wayne" Video is 'Mad Max' Meets 'Natural Born Killers' Meets Anarchy

Also, pistol-heeled shoes.
Phil Witmer

New Skin: The Strokes' Nick Valensi Is Stepping into the Spotlight as CRX

Fifteen years after our first interview, Valensi's dropping his Josh Homme-produced debut solo LP.
Kim Taylor Bennett
Holy Shit

Here’s Lady Gaga’s “A-Yo,” the Latest Single Off ‘Joanne’

It’s the third track we've heard from the artist’s forthcoming fifth album.
Noisey Staff

Tiki, Crime, and Rock ‘n’ Roll at Paris’s Dirty Dick

We spoke to Scott Schuder about the finer points of tiki and what exactly brought him from the high desert of California to the sleazy streets of Paris to sling tropical cocktails.
Nick Rose