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Hong Kong’s Leader Says the Extradition Bill is “Dead.” Protesters Don’t Believe Her.

Embattled chief executive Carrie Lam called the bill a "complete failure" and promised it won't be re-introduced. Protesters aren't buying it.
David Gilbert
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Hong Kong Is Bracing for a Brutal Crackdown from Beijing

“People are waiting with bated breath to see what Beijing will do”
Tim Hume
Hong Kong

Pro-Democracy Protesters Smashed Their Way Into Hong Kong's Parliament

As the city marked the anniversary of its handover to Chinese rule, protesters smashed windows and clashed with riot police.
Tim Hume
Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Massive Protests Are Getting Results

Pressure is mounting on chief executive Carrie Lam to step down over her handling of the protests.
David Gilbert

Booing the national anthem in Hong Kong could soon land you in jail

Student activist Joshua Wong led a flash mob outside the legislature to protest the proposed law
Tim Hume

Thailand detained teenage activist Joshua Wong because China asked it to

Last year Wong was denied entry into Malaysia, where he was supposed to speak about democracy.
Laurel Chor

The VICE Morning Bulletin

One person was shot at the second night of protests in Milwaukee, Louisiana still in a state of emergency due to massive floods, a suicide bomber in Syria killed 25, and more.
VICE Staff

Britain Ignores China's Troubling Human Rights Record with Royal Welcome for Leader, Activists Say

VICE News spoke to Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong, who called on UK Prime Minister David Cameron to raise the issue of China's poor human rights record with President Xi Jinping.
Sally Hayden
Occupy Central

'We Are Just Stuck at This Moment': Weariness Mounts for Hong Kong Protesters Ahead of Planned Clearing

City authorities are preparing to clear sections of the protest zones and remove roadblocks that have enclosed demonstration areas for more than seven weeks.
Steven Hsieh

Meeting Hong Kong's Obnoxious iPhone Scalpers

They're buying up every handset and selling them directly outside the Apple store.
Michael Grothaus
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While Protesters and Officials Talk, Hong Kong's Leader Believes the City Is Too Poor for Direct Elections

Students mounted a constitutional critique of the government's acceptance of a plan limiting democracy a day after the city's leader insisted poor voters would dominate free elections.
Elaine Yu
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Video Shows Police Tearing Down Protester Barricades in Hong Kong

Clearance operations in encampments have raised tensions between protesters and police over the past week, with demonstrators erecting obstacles and retaking areas whenever possible.
Elaine Yu