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Mexico Is the Deadliest Country for Journalists, but That’s Not Stopping These Students

Whether by drug cartels or corrupt politicians, journalists in Mexico are regularly threatened or killed for doing their job. Five students tell us why they’ve still chosen to study journalism and why they won’t stop fighting for freedom of the press.
Ollin Velasco

Instagram's Boundary-Pushing Documentary Photographers

We found six shooters who are making groundbreaking work in the genre.
Jon Feinstein

Bronx Student Photographers Win Awards for Documenting Their Communities

High school students from the Bronx Junior Photo League spotlight social justice issues in their own backyards.
Marina Garcia-Vasquez

My Time Reporting on Murder, Corruption, and Drugs in Honduras

Spanish-born reporter Alberto Arce has a job known locally as "red journalism," after all the blood.
Amelia Abraham
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FOX News Killed a Story About Trump's Alleged Affair with a Porn Star

The outlet reportedly readied an exposé on the alleged tryst, with on-the-record confirmation, about a month before Trump was elected.
Drew Schwartz
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The Mooch Is Threatening to Sue a College Kid Who Called Him 'Unethical'

The former White House spokesman is apparently pretty pissed about a pair of 'Tufts Daily' op-eds.
River Donaghey

Is the Mexican Government Spying on Journalists?

On the season finale of 'CYBERWAR,' Ben Makuch investigates why government spyware is cropping up on Mexican reporters' smartphones.
VICE Staff
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Gay Talese's Controversial Book Falls Apart in the Trailer for 'Voyeur'

The new documentary digs into the writer's relationship with a hotel owner who claims to have spied on his guests for decades.
VICE Staff

I Was Kidnapped, Imprisoned, and Tortured in Darfur

Veteran documentarian Phil Cox has visited Sudan several times since 2004 to shed light on atrocities and human rights abuses there. His last visit was very different.
VICE Staff

Marijuana Critics Describe What It's Like to Have the World's Best Job

And why the continued normalization of the drug is the key to a job well done.
Luke Winkie

It's Super Dangerous to Be a Journalist in the Philippines

But a brave few are working hard to maintain an independent press.
Gianna Toboni
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Here Are the 2017 Pulitzer Prize Winners

Colson Whitehead, David Fahrenthold of the 'Washington Post,' and the collective behind the Panama Papers report were among those honored.
Lauren Messman