Scientists Are Debating Whether Animals Have a Right to Privacy

A growing number of scientists are deliberately concealing tracking data to protect their location.


A Hypothetical, $37,500 Day in the Life of a Luxury Technophile

$37,500 in gadgets, that is.


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NASA launches 'PubSpace' to make research it funds public.


It's Time To Start Taking Justin Bieber Seriously

Justin Bieber's rise through international hate and personal struggle has been majestic.


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More evidence that science isn’t as self-correcting as you might hope.


Fraud, Misconduct, Mistakes: This Blog Finds the Stories Behind Retracted Papers

Five years on, Retraction Watch continues to push harder for transparency in scientific publishing.


Rereading the Journal I Kept in a Psych Ward as a Teen Taught Me I Have Never Been in the Mood for Bitches

"Ralph looks like a gopher. This place sucks. I might as well be burned on a pitchfork."


Forensic Psychiatrists Weigh in on What the Ramblings in the Colorado Theater Shooter's Journal Mean

There are explicit plans to murder people in James Holmes's journal. But does any of the material suggest the guy behind the Aurora murders is "not guilty by reason of insanity"?


This Is the Twitter of Scientific Journals: 200 Words or Less

The Journal of Brief Ideas. Short science, now.


​The Poem That Passed the Turing Test

They should have sent a computer.


Justin Bieber: We Don't Belieb You, You Need More People

Justin Bieber apologized, but his apology smells like bullshit.


Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein Ad Will Make You Belieb He's a Sex God

Although the ads confirm his sex appeal, they fail to fix all of Bieber's public relations problems. Even though he looks like a man, it's still a question as to whether he will act like one in 2015.