Joy Division


NBA Dunk of the Week: Danny Green Destroys the Warriors, Has No Soul

When Corbin Smith first saw this week’s dunk, an atrocity exhibition, he was troubled and shaken to his core. He takes very little pleasure in sharing it with you.
Corbin Smith

Strange Relations' New Album Is a Collection of Self-Proclaimed "Diary Rock"

Drummer/vocalist Casey Sowa explains how a Karen O quote and the human body informed 'Editorial You,' streaming here.
Zachary Lipez

The Only Really Good Thing About ‘13 Reasons Why’ Is Its Soundtrack

With a stylish mix of 80s classics, post punk and modern indie, the Netflix show's music far surpasses the series itself.
Daisy Jones
Holy Shit

Chuck Berry's Reviews of Old Punk Records Are Wonderful

A rediscovered 1980 interview from 'Jet Lag' has the rock 'n' roll icon taking on The Sex Pistols, Joy Division, and The Ramones.
Alex Robert Ross

Here's 10 Other Things Moby Was Right About Besides Trump's Relations with Russia

Every generation gets the Nostradamus it deserves.
Zachary Lipez

Trumpwave and Fashwave Are Just the Latest Disturbing Examples of the Far-Right Appropriating Electronic Music

Producers are turning synthwave and vaporwave into fascist propaganda. But history is full of similar examples.
Penn Bullock and Eli Kerry
Remembering Things

Vietnam Were Like the New Zealand Joy Division and Their 1985 Record Is Getting Reissued

The groundbreaking post-punks from Wellington are celebrating the release of their debut EP—30 years after the first vinyl edition was issued.
Tim Scott

Think Deep Thoughts When You Make Death & Co's Joy Division Cocktail

Like the Ian Curtis's vocals, Death & Co's Joy Division is complex, dry, and highly potent. It's also deceptively simple—just Cointreau, absinthe, dry vermouth, and dry gin.
Munchies Staff
Noisey News

"Stranger Things"' Finn Wolfhard Wants to Release an Album and We Would 100% Buy It

With a name like that, it really was only a matter of time before he became a rockstar.
Lauren O'Neill
thump news

Danny Brown Shares Details About His Joy Division-Inspired New Album, 'Atrocity Exhibition'

Brown's new album will feature production work from Evian Christ, The Alchemist and Black Milk.
Britt Julious

You Can Now Drink Beer Brewed by New Order

The British post-punk band has partnered with a Lancashire brewery to create a “golden ale with hints of citrus fruit and lychee.”
Daisy Meager
Noisey News

Forget Rent, Buy This Black Flag Shirt for $265!

You can also buy a Joy Division shirt for $225.
Annalise Domenighini