Jozy Altidore

Gold Cup

El Salvadoran Players Suspended for Biting USMNT Players

Oh, and nipple twisting Jozy Altidore. There's also that.
Liam Daniel Pierce

MLS Playoffs Have Been Vindicating for TFC's Jozy Altidore

The criticism Altidore once faced is a thing of the past, as the Toronto FC star is healthy and enjoying an all-time great MLS playoff performance.
Daniel Squizzato
Toronto FC

TFC Has Never Been Better, and Neither Has the Toronto Sports Scene

For Toronto sports fans, this is quite the time to be alive.
Kyle Cantlon
off day

Jozy Altidore's Long Road to Europe and Back

With Toronto in New York town to play NYCFC, we took Jozy to a local soccer bar and talked through his long and winding road as a professional and his hopes for Haiti in Copa America.
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VICE Sports World News Roundup: May 17, 2016

Start your day with VICE Sports. Here's our morning roundup of the sports news from around the world.
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25 is the new dead

Reconsidering Jozy Altidore

Whether or not Altidore is a reliable contributor to the national team is no longer the debate. We know he isn't. So the question becomes: what now?
Aaron Gordon
Jozy Altidore

Great Moments in Sports Photography: Flipping Off Jozy Altidore

In sports, one team wins and the other loses. With this picture, everyone wins.
Sean Newell

Jozy Altidore Was Never Going to be Great

The outsized expectations placed on Altidore are common to most any American soccer prospect and it's time that trend die an overdue death.
Colin McGowan

It's Time for MLS to Grow Up

Sebastian Giovinco and Jozy Altidore, two of the most expensive MLS players ever, illustrate the great tension between MLS' past and its future.
Patrick Redford

At 25, Jozy Altidore's Next Step Is Down, And It's Probably For Good

Jozy Altidore turned 25 today and after years as American soccer's great hope, he is likely never going to fulfill the hype once lavished upon him.
Brian Blickenstaff
beautiful failures

The Half-Life of Failure Is Forever

Strikers play the apex of an attack in soccer and for that their miscues are magnified.
Connor Huchton