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The Speedrunner Who Wasn’t: How a Community Dealt with an Elaborate Cheater

It would take weeks of defensive public statements, private battles, Reddit threads, and hostile exchanges with a reporter before the truth came out.
Patrick Klepek
Games Opinion

We Need to Talk About 'Final Fantasy VII' And Spoilers

A whole generation of players didn't experience [blank]. Are we allowed to talk about [blank]?
Patrick Klepek
Games Columns

'Final Fantasy VIII' Was Too Honest and Unsettling to be Beloved

Despite its contemporary success, 'FFVIII' has never had the popular legacy it deserved. But why?
Cameron Kunzelman

Our Latest Kingdom Hearts Deep Dive Catches Up to 'Kingdom Hearts III'

Lore Reasons returns to closely overanalyze 'Dream Drop Distance.' This time with beer.
Patrick Klepek

Waypoint Continues to "Explain" the Lore of Kingdom Hearts, Part 2 of ??

This was supposed to be an experiment. Now, we're in the deep end, and you need to join us.
Patrick Klepek

'Dragon Quest XI' Is A Blockbuster Game That Doesn't Deliver

Like many recent JRPGs, 'Dragon Quest XI' is interested in capturing the magic of nostalgia. Unfortunately, this devotion to the past holds it back.
Cameron Kunzelman

'Blue Reflection' is the Most Soothing JRPG I’ve Ever Played

With subdued colors and soft piano music, this "magical girl" RPG transports the player to a quiet, relaxing place.
Janine Hawkins
Dragon Quest

'Dragon Quest XI' Is Coming to the West in 2018

The long-anticipated JRPG sequel launches in Japan tomorrow.
Patrick Klepek
Ni No Kuni II

It’s Worth Waiting Until 2018 for ‘Ni No Kuni II’

Based on its combat, Level-5’s RPG remains one to look forward to, even with a slight delay.
Mike Diver
Final Fantasy

'Final Fantasy XII' Remains a Dizzying, Fascinating Experience

It’s Final Fantasy, sure, but with more menus than you can shake a fast food franchise at.
Mike Diver
Persona 5

'Persona 5' Keeps Making Villains More Important Than Victims

'Persona 5' seems more interested in understanding the abuser rather than the abused.
Mathew Jones
Persona 5

'Persona 5' Is the Most Stressful Game I've Played in Years

Who knew that deciding to spend time at the batting cages instead of talking with a hot doctor could cause such duress?
Patrick Klepek