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Senate Republicans are pushing to get judges confirmed faster — just as Trump faces an onslaught of lawsuits

Senate Republicans are aiming to cut debate time for most of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominations to just two hours — down from 30.
Matt Laslo
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Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts makes rare statement to scold Trump

Roberts, who was nominated to the Supreme Court in 2005 by George W. Bush, took the remarkable step of directly addressing Trump's recent public groanings.
Tess Owen
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What It's Like to Deliver Death Sentences

I ran for office and took the oath knowing that the death penalty would be part of my job, whether I liked it or not.
Mike Lynch

The Supreme Court just created a legal mess for detained immigrants

Immigration lawyers across the country are scrambling to find out what will happen to their clients.
Taylor Dolven
Keegan Hamilton
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The Supreme Court might make it easier for cops to tap your cell phone

Cops might be able to turn to any judge, even ones known to grant overbroad requests, for a wiretap.
Isabella McKinley Corbo
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Why the Courts Are the Last Protection Against the Trump Administration's Attacks on Transgender Rights

The National Center for Transgender Equality is looking to the judicial branch to fight between the headlines to protect the legal rights of all Americans.
Madeline Moitozo
Fourth Amendment

How cops hack into your phone without a warrant

A murky web of federal and state statutes determine how easily cops can access data on Americans’ cell phones.
Isabella McKinley Corbo
Life Inside

What It's Like to Meet the Men You Sentence to Prison

A judge opens up about the hardest part of his job.
Judge Mark W. Bennett

How Doug Benson Created the Weed-Themed Courtroom Show You Didn't Know You Wanted

We went behind the scenes of Comedy Central's 'The High Court' to find out how stoners are redefining reality court shows.
Mike Pearl
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Trump's Travel Ban Just Took a Major Hit from an Appeals Court

A three-judge panel ruled unanimously that a temporary halt to Trump's controversial executive order should remain in place.
Mike Pearl

How Kinky and Non-Traditional Parents are Punished by Family Courts

America's family court system is one of the less-understood branches of our judiciary, but its judges hold sweeping power over the lives of parents and children.
Neil McArthur

How New Sexual Violence Courts Could Change Rape Trials for Women

"Lawyers, judges, prosecutors and police have all said, 'This is not a process I would want a member of my family to go through.'"
Michelle Robinson