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"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" Is Bleaker Than You Think

Ever since Frank Sinatra asked for its most heartbreaking line to be replaced, most artists have been covering something anodyne. But Judy Garland's original will still make you weep like a child.
Alex Robert Ross

How Lady Gaga Captured America's Queer Imagination

For gay men, Chris Moukarbel's new documentary about Mother Monster triggers strong emotions and memories about growing up with Gaga.
Jeremy O. Harris

To Save Dorothy’s Red Slippers, It May Take a Wizard | Conservation Lab

With three clicks and $300,000, the Smithsonian hopes to #KeepThemRuby for at least another century.
Noémie Jennifer

Why Screen a Hollywood Classic Backwards and Forwards at the Same Damn Time?

In 1978, David Thomson split 'The Clock,' starring Judy Garland, in half, screening it forward-and-backward in a dual screen projection. The results are pure magic.
Monica Uszerowicz

Making Friends with Your Demons: Rufus Wainwright Tackles Judy Garland, Shakespeare, and Life

A decade on Wainwright returns to restage his acclaimed Rufus Does Judy at Carnegie Hall show. For both stars harnessing the darkness was integral to their art.

Why Famous Women Marry Gay Men

From Judy Garland to Liza Minelli to Carrie Fisher, many Hollywood stars have found themselves in holy matrimony with gay men. Although it's often devastating—and humiliating—for the women involved, these relationships develop for reasons.
Emalie Marthe
the vice reader

Talking Video Games and Ghosts with John Darnielle

I recently emailed with Mountain Goats mastermind and <i>Wolf In White Van</i> author John Darnielle about his new book, his history with gaming, haunted feelings, and much more.
Blake Butler