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MLB Clears Players after Al Jazeera Report; NFL Investigation Stalls

On Friday, MLB cleared Ryan Howard and Ryan Zimmerman of any wrongdoing related to an Al Jazeera report about steroid use. Meanwhile, the NFL still hasn't interviewed players mentioned in that same report.


Three Players Named in Al Jazeera Report Agree to Meet with NFL

Three of the four players the NFL demanded interviews with agreed to show up, out of fear of a suspension.


The NCAA Is Scapegoating Women's Basketball for North Carolina's Academic Fraud Scandal

Despite a mountain of incriminating evidence, the NCAA appears to ready to deal with North Carolina's massive academic fraud scandal by hammering women's basketball and letting football and men's basketball skate.


The Bad Mark Sanchez Showed Up In Green Bay

Mark Sanchez threw an interception to Julius Peppers who returned it 52 yards for a touchdown in a Green Bay romp at Lambeau.


Christian Ponder Intercepted on Consecutive Series

Christian Ponder and the Vikings are having a rough night.