Scientists want to make an army of jumping robot spiders that probably won't take over the world

The scientists trained a spider to jump on command for, you know, research.


These Small Blue Parrotlets Are Better at Jumping Than You

They could help design robots that can hop and fly.


Looking Back at the First Time Link Learned to Leap

‘Breath of the Wild’ has its jumping detractors—but if you think 2017’s game is a little janky in the leaping department, try playing 1987’s ‘Zelda II’.


This Is the First Leap Toward a Robot That Can Do Parkour

SALTO can jump higher than you.


Questions I Have for the Guy Who Tried to Jump Between Buildings to Impress a Woman and Got Stuck

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D-League Star Ronald Roberts Wants To Bring Skate Style To The NBA

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Even After Achieving His NFL Dream, Marquise Goodwin Still Has Olympic Hopes

Marquise Goodwin flamed out at the 2012 Olympics even as his star rose as a football player. Now he's balancing his NFL day job with another quest for Olympic Gold.


Little Leaguer Channels Willie Mays Hayes in Amazing Home Plate Leap

Seriously though, why don't more players try to jump over the catcher?


Vice Fashion - Slumber Party... On The Frickin' Moon

Girls' night in.


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