Scientists Saw an 'Energetic Eruption' Under Jupiter's Clouds for the First Time

The observations provided a "missing link” in theories about storms that rage in Jupiter's atmosphere.


How to Survive April's Three—Yes, Three!—Retrogrades

Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn begin their retrogrades this month—but our resident astrologer is here to help.


Scientists Discover the Closest Known Asteroid to the Sun

It's one of 19 asteroids that have been detected within Earth's orbit.


Scientists Think Europa’s Equator Might Be Covered in 45-Foot-Tall Ice Spears

Sharp spikes called penitentes may be waiting to impale any spacecraft that lands in the moon's low latitudes.


Astronomers Found a Rogue Planet 12 Times the Mass of Jupiter

It's the first time a rogue planet has been discovered from its radio emissions and points to a promising new method for exoplanet discovery.


Signs of Alien Life on Europa Might Only Be Centimeters Under the Surface

Europa is irradiated by Jupiter’s intense magnetosphere, but you don’t have to dig far before life finds a way (theoretically).


Twelve New Moons Discovered Orbiting Jupiter

The moons were discovered serendipitously while astronomers hunted for the hypothetical Planet Nine.


Evidence of an Alien Ocean Found in Defunct 1990s Spacecraft Data

The Galileo spacecraft might have accidentally run through the sprinkler of Europa’s plumes.


Elon Musk’s Tesla will probably be chillin’ in the asteroid belt for millions of years

After a final rocket boost, the car, along with its mannequin dressed in a SpaceX-designed spacesuit, wound up off course.


Saturn’s Cassini Orbiter (1982-2017)

On Friday, Cassini will vaporize itself in Saturn's skies.


‘Rogue Planets’ Are Roaming Our Galaxy

And astronomers have found an ingenious way to spot them.


Tiger Woods Arrested for DUI in Florida

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Confirmed that he was arrested at 3am today.