Jury recommends Charlottesville neo-Nazi James Fields be sentenced to life in prison

Circuit Court Judge Richard Moore will now decide Fields’ fate.
Tess Owen
El Chapo

This is what it's like to almost get picked for El Chapo’s jury

What happened behind the scenes at El Chapo's trial, according to an anonymous juror.
Keegan Hamilton
sexual assault

This doctor raped a sedated patient in 2013. He won’t spend any time behind bars.

He was facing a maximum of 20 years in prison.
Carter Sherman
Life Inside

I Sent an Innocent Man to Prison

It was my first time on a jury. I was 31, balancing two jobs while going to graduate school. It was a very short trial.
D’Shean Kennedy as told to Maurice Chammah
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Cosby Juror Says Accuser's 'Bare Midriff' Implied Consent

He added that she shouldn't have visited the celebrity unless she was "dressed properly and left the incense in the store."
Drew Schwartz
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Bill Cosby Wants to Teach Kids About Sexual Assault

"This is why people need to be educated... a brush against a shoulder, you know, anything at this point can be considered sexual assault."
Drew Schwartz
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Jurors in Bill Cosby's Sexual Assault Trial Are Stuck in Deadlock

The judge has urged them to keep trying, but a mistrial seems like an increasingly plausible outcome.
Allie Conti

Bill Cosby's Trial Is Already Showing How Twisted America Is

The disgraced comedian's sexual assault trial has barely started, and it's already revealed the bizarre way in which juries are selected and justice gets meted out.
Sonja Sharp
Death Penalty

Supreme Court allows Alabama judges to keep sentencing people to death even if jury disagrees

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Jury Finds Dylann Roof Guilty on All Counts in the Charleston Church Shooting

The jury deliberated for just two hours before coming back with a guilty verdict for the self-identified white supremacist.
Lauren Messman
police shootings

One black juror and 11 whites will decide the fate of the cop who killed Walter Scott

Tess Owen
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There's a Section of Yellowstone Where You Can Get Away with Murder

In 2005, a law professor discovered the "Zone of Death," where a person could legally get away with murder. Eleven years later, you still can.
Jacob Baynham