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Court Reporters May Be Writing Down Black People's Testimonies Wrong

A new study shows that stenographers frequently fail at correctly understanding and transcribing African American English, which can have devastating consequences for Black people in court.
Leila Ettachfini

The Complications of Liking 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' as a Black Man

Television shows about good cops are hard to enjoy when you are used to negative experiences with the justice system.
Funké Joseph
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These Formerly Incarcerated Entrepreneurs Are Trying to Keep People Out of Prison

Unlocked Futures funds startups formed by and for people who have dealt with the justice system.
Mary Mazzoni

Exclusive: 55 Marines were punished in the wake of the Marines United harassment scandal

At least seven were court-martialed for online misconduct.
Alexa Liautaud
Death Penalty

Death penalty states are looking for new ways to execute people

Executions were near a 25-year low in 2017 due to a shortage of lethal injection drugs
Carter Sherman
Tess Owen
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You Can Now Mine Cryptocurrency to Bail People Out of Jail

“The people for whom bail is set haven’t been convicted of anything.”
Jordan Pearson

Canada's Prison System Can't Figure Out How to Handle This Violent Teen

He killed a man at 15. He's fought guards and bullied his fellow teen inmates. Now he's caught in a fight in Nova Scotia about where he belongs.
Katie Toth
10 Questions

Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask Someone Wrongfully Put on Death Row

"You do not have complete control of your life and you can lose your life and freedom at any time, even though you are innocent."
Justin Caffier
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America's First Female Muslim Judge Found Dead in Hudson River

The prolific New York judge was 65 years old.
Lauren Messman

How New Sexual Violence Courts Could Change Rape Trials for Women

"Lawyers, judges, prosecutors and police have all said, 'This is not a process I would want a member of my family to go through.'"
Michelle Robinson
Possessed: Modern Day Exorcisms

The Exorcist Trying to Heal South Africa’s Satanic Murderer

VICE heads to Cape Town to meet Cecil Begbie, a Methodist priest and exorcist, who believes he can expel demons from a murderer who claims he was possessed when he carried out the crime.
VICE Staff

Brock Turner Inspires Mandatory Lock-Up for Unconscious Rape Cases

In the aftermath the Brock Turner sentence, California lawmakers have passed a bill mandating that anyone found guilty of raping an unconscious person must serve three years in jail.
Kimberly Lawson